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Pedestrian Accidents; No Ordinary Danger

The ordinary act of walking along or across any street, roadway or parking lot is a common activity that can be extraordinarily dangerous.   Whenever a pedestrian is struck by a motor vehicle, it is more often than not, catastrophic for the pedestrian. Of course, when a pedestrian chooses to walk along a public street in areas not intended or designed for pedestrian traffic, the pedestrian may be assuming the risk of injury to no fault of a driver.  On the other hand, driver inattention is a major cause of pedestrian injuries when an accident takes place in neighborhoods, along cross walks, sidewalks and in parking lots. Driver error is often a main factor caused by the driver focusing on other vehicles, waiting impatiently for lights to change,  proceeding before an intersection is clear or from distractions from cell phones, radios and text messages.  When you or a family member is injured in a pedestrian accident while walking lawfully on a crosswalk, sidewalk or parking lot, contact attorneys experienced in pedestrian personal injury litigation to make sure your case is properly handled and your legal rights protected.  Call Smith & Haskell Law Firm LLP at (864) 582-6727.