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Medicaid Planning Addresses Medicaid Issues & Eligibility

The laws surrounding Medicaid eligibility are complex and you should consult an experienced and knowledgeable Medicaid planning attorney to address issues and provide you with a comprehensive strategy tailored to your individual situation. The Medicaid planning process involves developing a plan to reallocate your assets in such a way that Medicaid will not take them into consideration when determining your eligibility for coverage. If you will require nursing home care in the future, you will then qualify to have Medicaid pay for the cost of care, rather than depleting your own resources to cover these costs. Our experienced Medicaid planning attorneys provide guidance throughout this process.

Medicaid planning is a process of working within all applicable laws to set aside savings for the benefit of nursing home residents who will otherwise be economically devastated by the exorbitant cost of private nursing home care. Through asset preservation, implementation of a Medicaid plan allows the resident continued access to the many things not otherwise covered by nursing home Medicaid.

Visit our Medicaid Planning Resources in our Legal Resources area of our website for additional information.  If you or a loved one has questions about Medicaid planning and Medicaid eligibility, we encourage you to contact a Medicaid planning and eligibility attorney to discuss your situation with the Smith & Haskell Law Firm today at 864.582.6727 to schedule an appointment. The Medicaid planning attorneys at the Smith & Haskell Law Firm can help, don’t wait and act now.


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