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Elder Law Asset, Property Transfers & Asset Protection

It is important to speak to an experienced elder law attorney (property transfers attorney / asset protection attorney) when considering the transfer of property prior the applying for Medicaid. The rules on property transfers are complex and can have significant consequences on Medicaid eligibility if you have not properly followed the established rules.

Medicaid Planning Addresses Medicaid Issues & Eligibility

The laws surrounding Medicaid eligibility are complex and you should consult an experienced and knowledgeable Medicaid planning attorney to address issues and provide you with a comprehensive strategy tailored to your individual situation. The Medicaid planning process involves developing a plan to reallocate your assets in such a way that Medicaid will not take them […]

10 Reasons to Create an Estate Plan Now

Many people think that estate plans are for someone else, not them. They may rationalize that they are too young or don’t have enough money to reap the tax benefits of a plan. But as the following list makes clear, estate planning is for everyone, regardless of age or net worth. (For more information on estate planning, see our Estate Planning section.)