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Accidents: Leading cause of death  under age 44.

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For people under age 44, the leading cause of serious injury and death is often caused by the negligence of another party, person or company. Automobile accidents, trucking accidents and serious on the job injuries  can involve serious injuries that are life changing events.  The causes range from simple inattentiveness, recklessness, speeding, drinking and driving, to cell phones and texting to disregarding traffic law and even federal trucking regulations.  It is important to quickly retain an experienced attorney who knows how to handle the investigation, to located and contact eye witnesses and to locate evidence, photographs and reports concerning the events that caused or contributed to the accident.  The longer a victim or family delays in retaining an experienced accident attorney, the greater the risk that important evidence will be lost and eye witnesses unidentified. William McBee Smith at Smith & Haskell Law Firm has decades of experience and holds a top rating by the premier attorney rating organization Martindale Hubble. Call Mr. Smith @ 864-582-6727 today or email him at for a free consultation.

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Automobile accidents and trucking accidents resulting in serious personal injury are often the result of negligence of third parties. Liability is determined by the law of negligence. South Carolina is a modified comparative negligence jurisdiction which apportions liability based on the percentage of fault of the parties involved.  If plaintiff’s percentage of fault does not exceed 50%, the plaintiff is still allowed to recover from any defendant proven to be at fault. However, plaintiff’s damages are reduced by the percentage of plaintiff’s fault.  A determination of negligence is based on the requirement that people must exercise a standard called “reasonable care under the circumstances” when operating a motor vehicle. Failure to do so is often the basis in determining damages caused by an accident. Many factors can contribute to the question of whether a driver was negligent, and courts look for these in determining fault. When you or a loved one is seriously injured in an automobile accident, it is important to secure the legal representation of experienced attorneys who know what steps to take, who know how to investigate and secure evidence and to locate all witnesses to properly prepare your case for trial.

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The probate litigation attorneys at the Smith & Haskell Law Firm, LLP seeks to resolve trust and will contests as quickly and effectively as possible, while minimizing the cost of litigation.  We will discuss your options with you and help achieve resolutions that protect your rights.  We encourage you to contact a will contest attorney to discuss your will contest, dispute or trust dispute issues with the Smith & Haskell Law Firm, LLP today at 864.582.6727 to schedule an appointment.  We are ready to put our experienced trial attorneys to work for you.